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In fact, this new era of change comes from the positioning of jupiter, the planet of gifts and destiny, the Sagittarius and your fourth house of affairs relating to the home in general. Jupiter will stay for almost a year and leave on December 2nd. Given such an impact, do not let the possibilities escape from your hands. If you want changes, do it.

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If you do not obey, do not give up, but look for other opportunities. Saturn is shifting to your fifth home of love and children. This is the time when you will focus more on private life than your career. Saturn first entered the sector of true love; pregnancy, children, creativity etc. So you have 1 year under his influence. You are likely to have found love in a person who is 8 years older than you or you may know someone who has a difference when it comes to age. Saturn usually also causes separation to test the relationship stability.

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Sometimes the test is simply to prove how capable you are to solve the situation. However, things will improve. In terms of time, you may often feel you are running out of time, for you seem near-obsessed with using time to maximum advantage. Many Capricorns live their lives backward, with heavy responsibility thrust on them early in life, possibly as young children charged with taking care of smaller ones.

As you age—and Capricorns are considered the centenarians among us, living to well over —you will become more carefree and younger in your interests and approach to finding fun in your free time. Unlike Aries, who usually needs to be self-employed to succeed, you do well in behemoth, multi-national companies where the next position above you will be clear and well defined.

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You can easily aim for that role. Capricorn is a big-money sign, so you tend to be asked to oversee a responsible financial role. Your trustworthiness and sensible, practical wisdom make you a perfect choice. If anyone wanted someone to hold his or her wallet for several hours or years , you would be the one to choose, as every dollar would be in that wallet when the person returned.

If finance does not interest you, you would do well in industries that deal with items of value of the past: antiques, landmark homes, old stamps, historical autographs, gold Krugerrands and other bullion, as well as estate jewelry, as examples. When you marry, you marry for life. Saturn, your ruler, teaches you to make long-term commitments and plans, and as a partner, you will work to build a life that will be bigger than any you could have built alone. This is your practical side speaking—you are not about to run to Las Vegas to marry an artist who has never sold a painting or a poem.

It may surprise you to know that some of our greatest comics are Capricorns, mainly because Saturn, your serious ruler, makes you joke about subjects we all care about quite deeply.